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Global Investment Strategy HK Limited is an SFC regulated firm, located in the Central Business District of Hong Kong. We are part of a diversified group of financial service and prime broker companies offering multi-asset global 24-5 trade execution, clearing, safe custody and prime solutions to stockbrokers, proprietary trading firms, fund managers, small/mid-sized hedge funds, family wealth offices and other professional investors. We aim to fill a gap in the market, offering alternative prime brokerage solutions for individuals and businesses who are currently neglected by larger institutions and other prime brokers. We have both the flexibility and experience to make a difference.

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What Services do we provide?

Global clearing services & safe custody

We offer high rates of settlement efficiency and worldwide services through our global network of counterparty relationships. Our experienced team serves clients from our offices in central Hong Kong, backed up by outsourced solutions in partnership with integrated robotics and cutting-edge fintech solutions.

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Trade Execution

Our dedicated trading desk gives you flexible and immediate reach into Asia-Pacific markets, with 24-hour, five days a week coverage. Open across Asia, UK, European and US trading hours, we're ready to meet the multi-asset trading requirements of our institutional and professional clients.

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Market Coverage

Our dedicated operations and trading desk gives our clients unrivalled market coverage, Open across Asia-Pacific, UK, European and US trading hours, we’re ready around the clock to meet your multi-asset trading requirements.

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22 May 2024

If you think FinTech is a recent concept, you may need to think again!

To many people, FinTech is a modern concept that emerged as a consequence of the Internet. However, the reality is very different. FinTech's origins can be traced back to the 1850s - yes, the 1850s!

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15 May 2024

Sustainability trends in the APAC region for 2024

It is no secret that the APAC region is often at the forefront of emerging technologies and investment trends. Therefore, it will be no surprise to learn that several APAC experts have identified sustainability trends for 2024 that could make a huge difference to companies, economies, and the global environment.

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