07 June 2023

Emerging APAC investment markets

A recent report by Acclime has given a fascinating insight into emerging APAC investment markets which are expected to outperform over the next two decades. While many of those on the list will be unsurprising to those following APAC investment markets, there are some interesting entries. Even though the region as a whole is expected to grow significantly in the short to medium term, there is still some scope for discretion regarding allocation to individual markets.

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31 May 2023

Trade between Hong Kong and the UK

A recent update (from the Office for National Statistics) on trade between the UK and Hong Kong gives an exciting insight into the long-term relationship between the two parties. While Covid has impacted business, the latest report provides a fascinating insight into the balance of power. The combined value of trade between Hong Kong and the UK (including imports and exports) hit £28.5 billion in 2022.

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25 May 2023

Employment market trends in the APAC region

Many experts believe that stock markets will recover in 2023 as the threat of global inflation subsides, and interest rates eventually follow suit. While there are still economic challenges, we have seen some interesting trends emerging in the APAC employment market. On the one hand, we have employees actively looking for better salaries while employers struggle to retain key personnel.

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17 May 2023

Why is the APAC region key to the global cashless payments sector?

It is common knowledge that the APAC region has one of the world's most dynamic and fastest-growing FinTech sectors. A critical element of the FinTech sector is cashless payments and the use of alternative technology. There have been numerous reports highlighting the APAC region as essential to FinTech, backed up by emerging trends. But how does this work out in practice?

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11 May 2023

Australian mining sector eyeing growth in Saudi Arabia

While Australia is often discounted when discussing APAC economies, it is part of the official APAC region. Consequently, investors in the area may be interested in the Australian mining sector with significant potential to export skills and services to Saudi Arabia. However, before we delve into this subject in more detail, it is essential to note that Australia is the fourth largest mining country in the world, behind China, the United States, and Russia. It also has an economy that has performed better than most in recent times.

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04 May 2023

Why are APAC companies more appreciative of new financial regulations?

Recently, we have seen significant financial developments in the APAC region in the areas of crypto assets, ESG and sustainable finance. Compared to the likes of Europe and America, Hong Kong, Singapore and China, in particular, have been very successful in fostering a culture of compliance amongst local companies. But how has this been achieved?

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