17 July 2024

Frontier Markets in the APAC region

Since the US subprime mortgage sector crashed in 2008, global financial markets have experienced several challenges. As we await much-anticipated news on US interest rates, this has not been the perfect scenario for frontier markets. However, investors are now more appreciative of the long-term potential of these markets, with particular interest in countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

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10 July 2024

The growing influence of quantitative finance

As the term suggests, quantitative finance involves the use of mathematical models, statistics, and computational algorithms to analyse financial markets and securities. It is primarily used to identify trading opportunities, optimise portfolios, and manage risk and price derivatives.

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03 July 2024

What is low latency execution in the world of investment?

Before we discuss low latency execution in more detail, it's important to understand the term latency. In its most basic form, latency is the delay between a user passing an instruction and that instruction reaching its destination before being executed. In the world of cutting-edge investment and trading, every millisecond helps.

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26 June 2024

Understanding Risk Tolerance

Whatever type of investment you are considering, it all boils down to one thing: risk and reward. This is where risk tolerance comes into play - in essence, the amount of risk you're willing to take to achieve your investment goals. In this article, we will consider different types of risk tolerance and how they can change over the years. As with anything related to investment markets, nothing stays the same forever!

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19 June 2024

What are the main factors which dictate corporate bond price movements?

Recently, we have seen a significant increase in demand for corporate bonds as investors look to secure relatively high income streams and a safe home for their capital. It can be challenging to look ahead, as we saw with the US Federal Reserve recently suggesting there may just be one interest rate reduction this year, against initial hopes of six at the start of the year. This perfectly reflects how important it is to be aware of factors that move corporate bond prices and how you can safeguard your capital.

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12 June 2024

What are the most common red flags for investors?

As an investor, it's important to inject a degree of reality into your investment decisions and be able to spot what are commonly known as red flags. There are numerous different types of red flags, which are very often easy to spot in hindsight - perhaps not so easy in the moment!

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