20 September 2023

Asia-Pacific registering massive growth in ETF trading

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) have seen huge growth in trading volumes in recent years. They are now an integral part of the financial sector, with the Far East a particularly buoyant market for this relatively new type of investment vehicle. There are several reasons why ETFs are proving popular and why trading volumes are expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

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13 September 2023

List of different investment markets in Hong Kong

For many years now, Hong Kong has been seen as a bridge between the East and the West, attracting substantial international investment and listing a growing number of Chinese companies. While the focus is quite rightly on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hong Kong is a central financial hub in many different areas.

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06 September 2023

The Rise of Asian Multinational Corporations

When looking at the world of Asian multinational corporations, many names come to mind, such as Alibaba, Bank of China, Samsung, TikTok, Toyota and numerous others. While many new up-and-coming multinational corporations are technology-based, this concept goes back decades. Consequently, when acquiring shares in multinational corporations based in Asia, you are very often diversifying your exposure across the globe.

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30 August 2023

New Zealand: Economic pressure and blossoming trade agreements

Often seen as the poor cousin of Australia, in the long term, APAC investors will overlook New Zealand at their peril. This is a country that was recently described as "the trading partner of almost every country in the world", a phenomenon which is not easy to secure. So, what are the prospects for New Zealand going forward?

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23 August 2023

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Day Trading

While traditional investment trends change over time, the trials and tribulations of a day trader can change in a split second. The attractions of identifying short-term trades and banking constant profits are relatively easy to appreciate. However, there are several common mistakes made by modern-day day traders.

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17 August 2023

Is Japan emerging from the economic shadows?

Since the 1980s/90s, when the Japanese economy began to waver, it has been dangerous to call the bottom of the downturn. We have seen several false dawns whereby analysts have suggested the Japanese economy and stock market were ready for expansion. However, there is a growing opinion that fundamental changes are emerging in Japan, and the sleeping giant may be awakening.

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