28 June 2022

Singapore's bid to become a digital currency powerhouse

While initially, governments around the world ignored cryptocurrencies/digital currencies, they have still shown massive growth in popularity. Bitcoin has been the headline act, leading the way as the rest follow. While Singapore has always been interested in digital currencies, the recent announcement by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) could lead to monumental changes.

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21 June 2022

Is Hong Kong on the verge of a cashless society?

A recent report by Visa has cast a fascinating light on the potential for a cashless society in the short to medium-term. The Hong Kong report looked at both payment methods available at the moment (and going forward) and the actions of consumers. While many people believe that governments worldwide are pushing consumers into a cashless society, it looks as though consumers are making up their own minds!

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14 June 2022

Hong Kong insurance market attracting European interest

Hong Kong is widely seen as the international gateway to China, with systems such as Connect also allowing Chinese companies to tap into global funding opportunities. The combination of a strong financial sector, upbeat insurance industry and technological innovation has created a perfect storm. European insurance companies, with Irish groups particularly active, are now looking to tap into the APAC insurance markets.

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07 June 2022

Sri Lanka confirms expected default on sovereign debt repayments

While Sri Lanka confirms expected default on sovereign debt repayments there are high hopes for frontier markets such as Vietnam, a technical default by Sri Lanka on sovereign debt obligations will act as a wake-up call to many. Confirmation that Sri Lanka has exceeded the 30 day grace period formissed interest payments has seen debt rating agencies update their advice. Even though this move was not unexpected, confirmed by the Sri Lankan government last month, there will still be repercussions.

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31 May 2022

Vietnam in talks to extend UK trading arrangement

For the first time in three years, the Vietnamese government was able to attend the Joint Economic and Trade Committee meeting with their UK counterparts. This is the latest move to expand trade between Vietnam and the UK. At this moment in time, Vietnam is the UK's 35th largest trading partner, currently worth around £5.5 billion a year.

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24 May 2022

JPMorgan turns bullish on Chinese tech stocks

Financial giant JPMorgan has turned bullish on Chinese tech stocks with a new era of pro-tech regulations on the horizon. This comes after the Chinese government held an event on Tuesday to promote the digital economy. At the same time, several Chinese-based tech stocks have been returning to Hong Kong/Chinese mainland stock markets. So is this the start of a new era?

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