29 September 2022

Does new technology help or hinder recovery from Black Swan events?

Over the years, we have seen considerable developments in trading technology, encouraging global investment and ultrafast trade execution. The ability to undertake global investment strategies is obviously beneficial but has new technology helped or hindered recovery from Black Swan events?

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20 September 2022

Are simple moving average charts any use to traders?

You can use many types of technical trading strategies to monitor share prices and, more importantly, buy and sell signals. While some of these trading strategies are highly technical, there is one known as the simple moving average chart. Is this too simple to be of any use to execution-only traders? What exactly does it show?

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13 September 2022

Do international companies give you global diversification?

When looking at your portfolio of investments, it is sensible to look at diversification as a means of spreading the risk. As a consequence of the Internet, it is now possible to deal in global markets at the touch of a button. Many people have used this new route to global investment but do you need to go international?

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06 September 2022

Don’t forget the post-trade services!

Here at Global Investment Strategy Hong Kong, we focus on trade execution, lower latency execution services, clearing services, and a range of post-trade services. Recognising the importance of pre-and post-trading services and how these will impact customer returns is essential. It is easy to discount these issues, assuming they come naturally, but they take time, investment and a deep-seated understanding.

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31 August 2022

How have trading volumes changed on the Hang Seng index?

As execution-only traders look for opportunities to maximise profits, liquidity is an essential element of the equation. We have managed to find detailed data going back to the beginning of 2002, showing not only the level of the Hang Seng index but also monthly trading volumes. Considering that the index started the period at 11,368 and is currently 20,170 (up 77%), what would you expect to have happened with trading volumes?

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23 August 2022

Hong Kong now a vital element of any global investment strategy

Those undertaking a global investment strategy today must consider investing in Hong Kong and China. Just recently, Hong Kong celebrated the 25th anniversary of the return of sovereignty to the People's Republic of China. While it is safe to say that opinion was mixed at the start, the economic and financial success of Hong Kong speaks for itself. 

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