10 April 2024

Is Elon Musk right about AI?

Despite opposing the development of AI last year, warning of the "profound risks to society and humanity”, Elon Musk appears to be back on the AI train. Just this week, he suggested that the new technology will overtake human intelligence within the next 12 months. This comment, controversial and intriguing at the same time, suggests that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will soon be able to match the human brain's intelligence and (we are guessing here) emotional abilities.

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03 April 2024

US regulators flex their muscles in Sam Bankman-Fried trial

When rumours emerged of financial difficulties with billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried's crypto exchange FTX, nobody could have guessed the eventual outcome. He was recently sentenced to 25 years for defrauding customers and investors. The initial investigation by the US authorities prompted rumours and counter-rumours with allegations of massive fund transfers from the now-bankrupt firm. So what happened, and what will the consequences be for the cryptocurrency market going forward?

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27 March 2024

Is immaculate disinflation within reach?

If we look at the major central banks worldwide, it would appear that inflation is under control, and unemployment has not spiked, which for many suggests "immaculate disinflation". This scenario involves high inflation eventually being brought under control without what many would see as a natural increase in unemployment. However, this may not be the case worldwide.

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20 March 2024

Singapore is leading the Southeast Asia FinTech market

It is no secret that investors seem to be re-engaging with the FinTech sector, with global interest rates set to fall and investors looking for growth opportunities. Southeast Asia is a hive of FinTech companies, leading the world in a range of different technology based products and services. Unsurprisingly, a recent report by UnaFinancial suggests significant short to medium term growth in the Southeast Asia financial technology sector.

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13 March 2024

Would you want to be in the shoes of the Japanese central bank?

While the Japanese economy is improving and we are on the verge of moving from negative to positive interest rates, there are still many challenges ahead. We know the Bank of Japan is on the brink of increasing interest rates for the first time since 2006, but they need to appreciate the broader repercussions.

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06 March 2024

India or the US, which stock-market boom has more weight?

Recently, we have seen a lot of press coverage on the Indian and the US stock markets, both of which have been booming. In fairness, the Japanese stock market recently hit an all-time high, but this was after 34 years and in real terms, it is much different.

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