When it comes to trading and investing, your choice of online brokerage will greatly impact your chances of success. Global trade execution is a multifaceted process that requires a range of skills, a depth of knowledge, experience and the right technological support to be successful. 

If you are looking to trade across the Asia-Pacific region (APAC), then your broker needs to understand how the local markets operate and be able to offer a seamless, trouble-free service to clients, wherever they are in the world.

How do you find the right broker for your particular needs, and what criteria should you use when assessing their credentials?

Brokers service tailored to the client 

Access to global financial markets has never been easier. A proliferation of online global clearing brokers has made investing easy and relatively inexpensive, particularly for retail clients looking to invest small amounts regularly, perhaps into passive funds. 

Different online brokers target their services at different investors, from the buy-and-hold novice to knowledgeable day traders. When it comes to global trade execution services for clients with a more active approach, the choice of an online broker is even more important. Low latency should be a priority, along with easy to access support and a technology-led service.

Understand your needs 

Before you begin exploring your online broker options, it is important to know what you need from your broker. You may be relatively experienced at trading, but if this is your first time venturing into APAC markets, you may require some background knowledge and deeper market insights that your broker should provide. 

Global trade execution services you can rely upon are a must, whatever your requirements and level of experience. 

If you are a more experienced trader with some experience in APAC markets, you will be looking for a more comprehensive range of services. Your broker should be able to supply advanced analytical material to enable your decision-making. You may also be looking for a broker who can trade a range of different assets. 

Narrow the field 

Once you understand your own needs as a trader or investor and your goals, you can then begin assessing how different brokers measure up to your particular requirements. As well as meeting your own individual prerequisites, there are a range of absolute necessities you should look out for. 

Extensive regional knowledge 

A good online broker offering global trade execution services for the APAC region should have extensive knowledge of regional markets. Ideally, they should be based within the region, not merely offering a basic ‘at-a-distance’ service from the other side of the globe. 

Accessibility & security 

The broker’s platform should be accessible and easy to use, with in-person support available 24/5. You also need to be confident that they take security seriously and use the latest security measures to keep funds, data and hardware safe.

What do they charge? 

An all-important question for any trader is what does a broker charge for global trade execution? 

Are the fees realistic for your volume of trade as well as competitive with other brokers? 

The lowest fees are not always the best if the level of service offered is minimal. Find the right balance between fees and the support you get in return.

Hong Kong-based global trade execution services 

At GIS, we offer industry-leading trading services with truly global reach. With in-depth knowledge of regional markets, we can provide a nimble and responsive 24/5 service to a wide range of different clients. 

Call +852 3018 3009 or email info@gishkltd.com to find out more about our tech-led and professional approach to global trade execution and safe custody.

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