Here at Global Investment Strategy Hong Kong, we focus on trade execution, lower latency execution services, clearing services, and a range of post-trade services. Recognising the importance of pre-and post-trading services and how these will impact customer returns is essential. It is easy to discount these issues, assuming they come naturally, but they take time, investment and a deep-seated understanding.


What we offer at Global Investment Strategy Hong Kong


There is a natural draw to focus on pre-trade services when post-trade services are just as important. We offer a range of post-trade services, which include:-


Settlement and status reporting


When your trade execution has been completed, you will need to know where you are with the settlement process. Bringing together banking services and custody services while ensuring prompt delivery is crucial. In addition, matching the settlement dates of various transactions ensures funds are constantly available for re-investment.


Fail management


When clearing services, trade execution and low latency execution platforms come together, the technology must work like a well-oiled machine. There may be areas in the process ripe for improvement, and a specific time when the process is under pressure, which is where fail management comes into play. Can elements of the process be improved? Are there outside parties which need to be replaced? Can technology and artificial intelligence assist going forward? We provide fail management services to avoid potential issues as we advance.




Trade execution, whether as a day trader, short, medium or long-term investor, must tie in with an immediate, up-to-date reconciliation process. This involves not only stock but the settlement and receipt of funds to cover transactions and other forms of income such as dividends. So as soon as you hit that button, the reconciliation process should begin.


Custody banking


Clearing services work in tandem with custody banking, ensuring the flow of funds in and out of your account is prompt and accurate. Not only do we provide custody banking services, but there is also a detailed paper trail and reconciliation report. This can be especially useful when putting together your tax returns.


Corporate actions


Whether taking up a rights issue, accepting a takeover deal orpartaking in a tender offer, corporate actions must be executed within a predetermined timescale. Many corporate actions are time-sensitive, with no second chance if you miss a deadline. We have a backend system which picks up on all corporate actions as part of our clearing services. You remain in control of the decision-making process, and we follow your instructions.


Transaction reporting


As a day trader, you may carry out many daily trades, requiring an instant, up-to-date report on where you stand. Using low latency execution only trading platforms for trade execution is only part of the process. These trades need to be reported, systems updated and an instant account position created. Frequent traders don't have time to check the numbers; they depend on us for transaction reporting.


Prime solutions


We offer prime solutions for a range of clients, including active day traders, hedge funds and other large investors. Bringing together trade execution, clearing services and reporting a range of complex financial instruments, we manage all elements of the investment process. We have experience going back many years, continue to invest in the latest technology and mould our services around the needs of individual clients.




While there is much focus on trade execution, low latency execution platforms and reporting, there is much more to an individual trade. Post-trade services are as crucial as pre-trade services, ensuring transactions are settled promptly, and a client's up-to-date net position is always available. The fact that many of our post-trade activities go unnoticed is a testament to our continuous investment in new technology and the quality of our services.

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